I am a prisoner of my own thoughts

NJ|FL. My dog, bubble baths, naps, beards, hockey, Dallas Green, Star Wars, Sons of Anarchy, confidence, tall guys, tattoos, piercings, guys with glasses, snow, good tunes, and great films.
I'm a realist. I'm a romantic. I'm indecisive and that's about it.

---------------------------------------------------------- I'll tell you the worst of me, but give you the best of me, because you don't deserve any less. My name is Shannon, and I believe in long nights spent awake and late afternoons spent sleeping. I stay up late just to sleep in too long. I consist of glasses, bare feet, beanies, sarcasm, goofy personality, a jersey accent, chipped nail polish, unkempt hair and a loud mouth. I spend most of my time sitting on my porch waiting for something exciting to happen in the small town I live in. I live for long winter days cuddled up by the fire with hot chocolate and friends. I'm the girl you'll see at the pet store with my dog in a Van Halen t-shirt, with ear buds in singing my music out loud. I'll notice the smallest thing about you before I notice how you don’t match. Before I die I’d like to go to travel around Europe. I'm different but I like to think I’m a pretty interesting person to get to know.
I may not be positive what my next move is going to be but I do know I love long road trips, with the windows down and the radio blasting, short stops to diners, there I enjoy a milkshake and cheese fries. Around the corner a Farmers Market. There I by things I don't need but want something to remember that day by. I know I love baseball games, and hockey games even more with hot-dogs and a cheery pepsi, and that I'd be completely set living in the back of my car with my dog along for the ride. I’d love to wake up in the morning and leave to go do something I love rather than something I have to do to make money. It’s a dream I long for.
I sit up late at night watching adult swim, or reruns of I love Lucy. Reminiscing of the events that took place, and thinking how tomorrow will be better and full of new adventures. Summer days spent at the beach with friends. Drink in hand listening to them sing the latest song on the radio. Waiting for the sun to set. Walking along the boardwalk toward the ice cream shop maybe with someone I think is special. Vacations spent camping, sitting on the dock with a fishing pole. Making s'mores and roasting hot dogs talking about the latest crush and awaiting dawn to watch the sun rise. Guitar in hand, best songs written while making memories. It may not be perfect, but it’s the closest to perfection I’ve ever been.
I want someone who can make me melt when he smiles and dissolve when he laughs. I want someone to build furniture forts with. Someone who will go on a search for the best climbing trees with me just so we can see who gets to the top first. Someone who will have massive paper airplane wars with me and admit that he lost. Someone who will eat Spaghetti-O's in their pjs with me in bed, just because they taste sooo stinkin' good, and we don't feel like going out to dinner. Someone who will mess my hair up when it looks its best, and then tell me it looks better that way. Someone who will sit on my bedroom floor listening to music with me. Someone who will understand what I'm talking about when I quote lines from some obscure movie. Someone who won’t mind being goofy, because quite frankly, I'm into goofy.
I may be confused about something’s but I do know what I want, I want a life that I can say I'm proud of living, friends who build good forts, a good boyfriend who gives great hugs, a family who I can count on for everything and long winter days full of memories like building snow men and having snow ball fights. I want people to accept me for who I am, and not write me off because at first glance I'm not society's idea of beauty. I know I'm not a size 2, and I'm not 5'0, and I want people to understand that I'm okay with that. Everything is amazing and no one is happy.



Brian Wilson you beautiful man.

Brian Wilson you beautiful man.

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